Customers want to feel engaged, respected and listened to.

For example, Imagine how a relationship with a partner or family member would turn out if you stopped listening and caring about them, only rating them on how much money they had to spend on you each week. The result would be that the relationship would become pretty strained and both parties involved would suffer terribly. If this type of attitude isn’t suitable for relationships with your family or friends, why should it be any different for your customers? It’s time to treat your customers like family and put their best interests at heart.

As an example, we see companies falling into the same thinking pattern around their customers of.  “They are still buying from us so they must be happy” and “They have nowhere else to go so they will always buy from us” and “sales haven’t dropped so we must be doing well”. This may have been OK in the 1920’s when advertising and communication mediums were limited and customers didn’t have much to chose from, but now that there are so many options at the touch of our fingertips, you have to stay on top of customer satisfaction and engagement. If you don’t, you run the risk of your customers switching to another company that meets their expectations both emotionally and financially, at the drop of a hat.

One powerful tool that we can offer you to help retain your customers is the Net Promotor Score survey. This is a very simple yet effective method of gauging how you are rated amongst your customers and clients and is included in the customer feedback service package that we offer.  To learn more, contact us –