Uncover insights and grow your business with New Zealand’s leader in third-party customer and client feedback.

Eureka Group are New Zealand leaders in providing companies with strategies that will strengthen your customer/client relationships and grow your business.

“We developed and created Eureka Group with the aim to help companies with their customer and client engagement by providing a feedback service which was based on empathy and understanding,” says Eureka Group, Founder and Managing Director Ricky Lee.

Eureka Group assists companies to get a better understanding of how their customers view them and address issues within their relationships that may not be so obvious to those inside the business.

One of the most common and biggest challenges that businesses face is communication with their customers and often people don’t really understand what’s required in order to have a successful business relationship, and that is where the experts at Eureka Group come in.

“We are here to help them discover the areas of their relationships with their customers that need attention by undertaking in-depth surveys. This helps our clients get a better understanding of where they sit from a customer’s perspective,” advises Ricky.

Eureka Groups services are ideal for small, medium and large companies within any sector which are dependent upon a relationship with their customers or clients. “We are able to work in any market and can apply our survey methods to a wide range of audiences,” adds Ricky.

As a specialist in customer and client feedback surveys and analysis, Ricky brings to the business his leadership background within the engineering, project management and hospitality industry. Being the founder of a successful company, which has served over 50,000 customers, he has valuable hands on experience and knows the importance of utilising customer feedback and customer retention.

Another person who knows a lot about customer satisfaction is new recruit Charlotte Hardy. Charlotte brings a strong background in project management, communications, continuous improvement and risk analysis as Eureka Group’s consultant and market research analyst. Before joining Eureka Group, the talented Charlotte held senior positions at Comvita, MPI and Zespri and she is also fluent in English, Te Reo Maori and Spanish.

So, if you are looking for something to revitalise your business, get the friendly professionals at Eureka Group to help you discover invaluable third-party customer and client feedback that will take your business to the next level.