Our Process

Interview Process


Eureka Group works with you to develop a unique set of talking points and questions tailored specifically for your customers or clients.

We then autonomously interview your contacts and gather feedback.  When interviewing your clients, we don’t ask close-ended questions or settle for yes or no answers.

We approach each interview from a place of understanding and empathy, which allows us to unearth the most honest feedback possible.

Reporting Process


After interviewing your contacts, we provide you with a detailed summary and analysis report of our findings.

We then present this report in person to your team with recommended actions to help you nurture and develop your relationship with your customers or clients. When presenting feedback to your team, we always take a diplomatic approach that focuses on constructive feedback. This leaves your employees feeling empowered and integral to your company’s growth.

Additional Services

Eureka Group will follow up with the same contacts a year after the initial interview to check in on your progress and journey.

If there are areas of your business that still need attention, we will make further recommendations based on the feedback we receive at this time.

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