If you want to hit the ground running in 2020, then contact the experts over at Eureka Group. Eureka Group are New Zealand’s leaders in third-party customer and client feedback services.

Eureka Group is dedicated to helping all their clients better themselves and their business by using data that they uncover from their customer and client feedback surveys. “To put it simply, your success is our success,” says Eureka Group, Founder and Managing Director Ricky Lee.

Eureka Group undertakes customer feedback surveys and uses customer voices to better your business. “We don’t undertake surveys online or with simple tools such as Survey Monkey as this approach just doesn’t work,” says Ricky.

Eureka Group’s survey method involves in-depth phone and face-to-face interviews. “This way we can really understand the customer’s tone, get a feel for how they respond to questions and really dig down deep to unearth what they really think and feel towards a company. It’s amazing the things that we uncover and our clients are always surprised with what has come out of our surveys,” adds Ricky.

After interviewing the businesses’ contacts, Eureka Group provides a detailed summary and analysis report of their findings. They then present this report to your team in person with recommended actions to help you cultivate and develop your relationship with your customers or clients, which ultimately helps your company’s growth.

Going the extra mile, Eureka Group will follow up with the same contacts a year after the initial interview to check in on your progress and to see where you can continue to make improvements.

If you are ready to uncover insights to grow your business in 2020, contact the friendly and professional team at Eureka Group today.